An Automated Consignment System

Proposal for Local San Diego Author Consignment System Many local book stores struggle. Many local authors struggle. It seems to make sense for local book stores to carry local authors because the friends and family of local book stores will patron those stores and buy all sorts of books. Surprisingly, most local stores refuse toContinue reading “An Automated Consignment System”

Publishing my first book! Pre-Order one with IndieGoGo

  It is September 11th, You can now ensure that Our Story is printed by, Pre-Ordering your copy of Our Story book Now. Please click on the IndieGoGo logo where you can pre-order the book.  Enjoy the video and share the video with your friends and relatives you think would like the book..   Thank you forContinue reading “Publishing my first book! Pre-Order one with IndieGoGo”

Photographer’s Philosophy

To use Photoshop to enhance my picture or not is a continuous discussion amongst photographers. The question is less practical and more philosophical. The real question is what was your intent when taking the picture and what is your intent when displaying the picture. I rarely modify my pictures because I generally want people to haveContinue reading “Photographer’s Philosophy”

Be Fast, Be Professional, Ask for Fairness A great article how a request for free photographs ended up being a lucrative agreement that was fair to all party. This is what Steve Covey calls a Win-Win deal. The important thing is to respect each-other and each-others’ time. So be polite, be professional and be fair, yourself and others.