It is my philosophy that photography should be accessible to all. This means the prices are suggested. If you can pay more, I appreciate it. If you can pay less, I appreciate it too.

Portrait/Commercial Photography:

  • $15 for first print, $4 for each additional small print, $7 for a large print.
    Family events, items for sale on craigslist/amazon, real-estate.

Wedding Photography:

  • Starting at $3500.
  • Additional $1550 with a photobook.

Special Events:

  • $175/hour.


  • $275/hour

Video Editing:

  • $200/1min of final video.
  • $350/3 min of video.
  • $500/ 5min
  • $1500/20 min


  • Private Lessons: $50/lesson.

Group Lessons: 

  • $35/person under 5 people.
  • $25/person 5 people and over.

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