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Your Story Our Sipur coffee table book is a four-year long project which spanned one year of travel to 32 countries documenting life of Jewish communities around the world in order to show how they lived, how and why they prospered or faced persecution and how what aspects of cultures around them they adopted and influenced. The book is hard-bound 8×12 inches with over 450 photographs and 80 pages of text describing the journey, the places and Jewish customs, religion and culture. If you don’t know much about Judaism, this is a great book for you or a gift for friends who are Jewish or love photography and travel.

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Here are some of the reviews I’ve gotten about the book.

I do not consider myself to be a devout practitioner of the Jewish faith, but that is completely irrelevant to this book. The images and stories interweave into a great experience that I would recommend to anyone regardless of your faith or world view.

-Brian Rubenstein


Well, I have just started reading this book, but felt like I already need to write a review, so more people would read this important and amazing book.
The book takes you into an incredible journey, of what seems to be one of the most interesting cultures we have in this world.
No, it’s not what you think. This book isn’t trying to convince you that the Jewish people are better than others, nor make you pity them because of their tough history, it will give you a better understanding and different perspective of not only them but the world as a whole.



A very good coffee book exploring Jewish culture around the world and its influence on other cultures. Very well illustrated with photos from all over the world by the photographer/author.

-Anton Lakshin

Learn more about the book and the project at the project website

How to Buy the Book

Purchasing options includes e-book and hardcover print in Amazon.

Direct with PayPal on the Official Website.

Or purchase from a store in your area

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