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Hi and welcome to Sam Litvin Photography and Design. Having been involved in Photography since 1999  makes me comfortable with all types of photography including family shoots, wedding, commercial and photo-journalism.


Honestly, if you like pictures of smiling groups or highly photoshopped pictures, I’m not the photographer for you. I like to get to know you, talk to your guests, learn about you and capture the event and you and your business and your friends and customers and guests as they are. I am good at capturing the essence of the event. I do collaborate with many other photographers so I am happy to complement my style with any other type of photography you’d like or need.


In 2012, SLPD expanded into teaching photography. The philosophy in teaching is to simplify photography, helping you capture great pictures no matter past experience or type of camera you prefer to use. The one-on-one/small group lessons go over the camera and photography basics as well as practical tips and tricks. The lesson goal is to get you to take the photographs you wish you could to take.

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