On Taking a Photograph

All humans are complex. Even when they see, simple on the outside, they had experiences and thoughts you never have. This is why taking a photograph is such an art. With painting you can spend a lot of time adding, subtracting, getting to know, looking until you finally get the right feeling of the person. With Photography, one should do that too. People often ask me to take a picture of them. They think that all previous photographs I took were just a product of my “talent” but in reality, they are a product of my curiosity and wonder at the person I am with, the art that their face and their surroundings create in my mind and the moment I like to capture. It is a product of my personal emotional connection, understanding and years and years of carrying my camera around and realizing that every picture is practice for that moment in time, when my life will put me in a place where it will be up to me to take a picture and immortalized a moment that is crucial for man kind to remember.


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