An Automated Consignment System

Proposal for Local San Diego Author Consignment System

Many local book stores struggle. Many local authors struggle. It seems to make sense for local book stores to carry local authors because the friends and family of local book stores will patron those stores and buy all sorts of books. Surprisingly, most local stores refuse to carry local authors. The reason for it is not because they dislike authors or local authors, they like them. However buying a book that might not sell will ruin a store running on small margin. Buying on consignment from dozens of authors, with varying contracts, contract lengths in different genres means that books get lost, money doesn’t get sent and all sorts of issues come up for the book seller. So for them, they either buy old books which are cheap, or go through a distributor who takes care of all those headaches for them. BUT, this doesn’t solve their problem and doesn’t solve the local author problem.

So, we propose to create a single system for San Diego authors with partnership with San Diego Public Library to have a system that keeps track of authors, of their books and makes one system for the local stores that makes the books, prices, and authors manageable.

The way it works is each store gets a rack just for local authors. New books are rotated each month. Local authors supply the books and apply for it and each month books are chosen. The books that sell well, the store can choose to keep, the books that don’t get replaced with new books.

The system will be automated and managed in computer which will invoice the authors and pay the book store. All books will be managed through this and so will the payments.

Book stores have the option to opt into this system and those which opt in will be listed on a website along with all the books which will also label where specific books can be found.

We feel that it is important to support local authors and book stores and a problem that can be solved with technology should not get in the way of preventing local readers from exploring and supporting local authors.

Thank you,

Sam Litvin

Our Sipur Publishing

A San Diego Local Author


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